Biggest ‘single’ stands in British football stadiums for the 2016/17 season: top 16 by capacity revealed


PLEASE NOTE: It’s not been possible to include stands from certain stadiums where a continuous bowl means┬áthere is no distinction made between stand capacities (see explanation below).
Liverpool’s new Main Stand opens for the first time when the Reds take on Leicester, live on talkSPORT.
The new structure has added in the region of 8,000 seats to the ground, and becomes one of the largest single stands in English football.
So which stands are the biggest in British football?
It’s a not entirely straightforward question to answer, as many new stadiums and redeveloped grounds have been built in a ‘bowl’ shape, meaning it can be hard to distinguish between different stands.
Traditionally, British football grounds were made up of four different stands on each side of the pitch, but that is not always the case t...
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